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All-electric greens mower addresses noise restrictions, emits no exhaust

February 9, 2021  By The Toro Company

Toro’s new Greenmaster e1021 all-electric mower allows operators to mow up to 35,000 square feet of golf greens on a single charge. Its quiet operation makes it ideal for use near homes and other areas where noise restrictions are in place.

It also has no engine exhaust emissions, helping courses meet environmental and sustainability goals. Designed for minimal maintenance and a long service life, the e1021 helps courses get the after-cut appearance they want while saving labour and operational costs.

An LCD screen gives the operator an instant view of the ongoing battery charge status and can also indicate diagnostics, machine hours, overall battery health and initiate backlapping.

“It’s a great addition to the Greensmaster all-electric lineup,” Jeff Drake, global product marketing manager at Toro, said. “For courses with noise restrictions, environmentally sensitive areas or locations with fuel storage limitations, all-electric Greensmaster mowers are ideal.”


Like all Greensmaster walk mowers, the e1021 is built for operator comfort and ease of use. The telescopic handle adjusts easily to any operator, and the rubber isolated handle assembly reduces motion from walking so that the cut isn’t affected. Controls are easy to access and use, and the machine is compact and well balanced for excellent tracking and maneuverability. Its cutting width is 21 inches.

The e1021 joins the eFlex1021 and eTriFlex 3370 in Toro’s family of lithium-ion mowers for productivity, comfort and efficiency.


“The quiet operation means the electric mowers can be used in early morning hours, and the advanced lithium-ion technology provides an ample operation time,” Drake said. “Add in the minimal maintenance, and the e1021 and all Greensmaster all-electric mowers deliver operational savings that add up fast.”

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