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Alberta implements new rules for how golf can be played under COVID restrictions

Golfers can play with those in same household

May 7, 2021
By Calgary Sun

New government-implemented rules allow for golfers in Alberta to play only with others from the same household. Those living alone can play with two other close contacts. Turf & Rec photo

As the number of active COVID-19 cases in Alberta continues to put pressure on the province’s health care system, the government has imposed a number of new restrictions – and golf is one of those feeling the impact. Golfers playing both public and private courses can now play only with members of the same household. If they live alone, they are entitled to play with two other close contacts. The new regulations take effect on Monday.


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5 Comments » for Alberta implements new rules for how golf can be played under COVID restrictions
  1. Doreen Seaman says:

    This is totally ridiculous – you are closer to the checkout girl or to someone walking down the street than you are to another golfer!!!!

  2. John says:

    You’re allowed to gather with five people outdoors but you can’t have four people playing golf! Doesn’t make sense

  3. Lori says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing ever…Not ONE case ever at a golf course. Can’t you see this is all about the government, not your health. You are so more likely to die of suicide before Covid if this keeps up…
    Lori Galiardi

  4. Bob Janzen says:

    I’m very disappointed in both Jason Kenney and Deena Hinshaw for implementing stricter guidelines for groups of 4 golfers when outdoor gatherings of 5 people are allowed. Just one more contradiction by two people who can’t govern their own lives let alone the betterment of the residents of AB. The effects of the harm done to our youth by shutting down schools and sports is evident in every community and will have lasting impacts. Thoroughly disgusted and ashamed to be an Albertan and a Canadian because we as an electorate have allowed these morons to make these crucial decisions for us without anyone’s input.

  5. Sharon Bales says:

    I am also disgusted to be a Canadian and a BCer right now. Our leadership federally and in most provinces is pathetic and only concerned about our failing health care system and lack of hospitals and doctors. People do not matter especially the children and the mentally challenged. It is time to get vaccines to everyone and open up the country and the border ..

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