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Agrium to distribute approved insecticide

June 18, 2009  By  Mike Jiggens

DUPONT Professional Products has entered into an exclusive agreement with Agrium Advanced Technologies to distribute DuPont Acelepryn insecticide.dupont acelepryn jug

“We are very excited to partner with DuPont and bring this new class of chemistry to the Canadian marketplace,” said Doug Hubble, sales and marketing manager for Agrium. “With its proven performance and environmental attributes, Acelepryn will fill a very important need for our customers.”

Independent university researchers have confirmed that the mode of action for Acelepryn provides superior control of the key white grub species and other important turf insects, including annual bluegrass weevils and cutworms. Its other attributes include the ability to control multiple pests with a single, early application; lower application rates for white grub control; an active ingredient with a lower water solubility than any white grub control product; an entirely new class of chemistry and mode of action active ingredient; and an active ingredient classified as reduced risk by the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency for applications on turfgrass with a low impact on beneficial arthropods as well as birds, bees, fish and mammals. It is approved for use to control key pests infesting landscape and recreational turf in Canada.


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