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Agrium Advanced Technologies announces Canadian distribution of Sarritor

February 12, 2009  By Turf & Recreation

Sarritor, a new biological weed control product, is now available exclusively through Agrium Advanced Technologies in Canada.

A groundbreaking development by Dr. Alan Watson of McGill University presents this natural way to eliminate weeds in lawns. The weed fighting active ingredient in Sarritor is a naturally-occurring fungus known as Sclerotinia minor. This fungus is native to Canada, naturally occurring, and able to control most broadleaf weeds.

Sclerotinia minor will completely eliminate dandelions without harming the surrounding grass, as all grass types have a defense mechanism and immunity to the fungus. Once the weed is gone, the fungus disappears. The fungus does not have any toxicological effects, does not produce spores, and does not persist in the environment.

For more information contact Agrium Advanced Technologies at 1-800-461-6471 or go to http://www.turfpro.ca/ .



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