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A pesticide-free way to keep weeds under control

February 12, 2009  By  Mike Jiggens

Rittenhouse Restrictions on pesticide use are becoming an issue across North America when it comes to maintaining lawns and other weed-prone areas. Rittenhouse (www.rittenhouse.ca) offers a unique solution.

Using patented technology, the Green Steam produces super-heated steam to 650° F to quickly and effectively kill weeds without chemicals. The Green Steam unit uses a standard 20lb. propane tank that will last for approximately eight hours of continuous operation, while the 10-gallon water tank provides three hours of constant operation. The unit uses a deep cycle 12-volt battery to operate the diaphragm pump. The Green Steam can be outfitted with an optional hose reel including 25' of hose. The reel swivels and features an automatic rewind for ease of operation. The compact design of the machine also increases usability, at only 60 lbs. the Green Steam can be transported easily from site to site. A skid mount version is also available for placement in the back of a truck or utility vehicle.

Cities and municipalities will find the Green Steam to be a very useful tool as part of their regular maintenance programs. It is perfect for eliminating weeds in sidewalks, parking lots and other hardscaped areas. The use of steam means there is no concern over spray drift or residue. In addition to government organizations, private landscapers will appreciate this convenient alternative to chemical weed control.

The Green Steam provides a unique opportunity to be ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition when it comes to implementing a green care program. Visit www.rittenhouse.ca or call toll free 1-800-461-1041 to inquire further about the Green Steam and other great landscaping products.


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