A new artificial turf field in Sooke, B.C. is soon to open for play, but the construction project didn't come without its share of challenges.
I recently attended my first-ever NASCAR event, thanks to some free tickets I managed to snare.
When a thunderstorm hits and lightning is near, venue managers of outdoor events, including sports field managers, must make critical safety decisions in a short amount of time. Having the right information and knowing the dangers of severe weather is essential for keeping spectators and players at outdoor events safe.
At one time or another you have probably used the heel of your hand as a tool to push, grind or even hammer something solid. Repetitive trauma to the fleshy part of the hand can lead to a serious condition called hypothenar hammer syndrome. A wide variety of activities can expose your hand to this type of harm.
Winterizing carbureted engines is a quick and simple process done year after year to avoid the nuisance of a gummed up carburetor in the spring. However, as electronic fuel injection (EFI) gains traction in a number of market segments, including commercial turf and construction, each year more equipment owners find themselves winterizing EFI engines for the first time.
The first snowfall of the season will be here before we know it. When preparing for the frigid months ahead, grounds and equipment managers can save on equipment costs by converting their existing utility vehicles (UTVs) into snow-fighting machines with the simple addition of key attachments and accessories.
The process of fighting winter’s wrath has changed a lot over the years. Though the basic goal of removing snow after it has fallen and ice after it has formed remain, it’s how this is accomplished that has become much more sophisticated.
Tucked away at the end of a dead-end road in East Gwillimbury, Ont., yet easily accessible to golfers in and around the Greater Toronto Area, is an 18-hole golf course ready to celebrate its 25th anniversary that is known, among other things, as a facility boasting an aquatic driving range.
It’s been about six months now since CBC-TV aired the episode called Dad and the Dandelions on its long-running show The Nature of Things with David Suzuki.
Artificial turf fields hold a number of advantages over natural turf fields, a Waterloo, Ont.-based landscape architect says, but they still require ongoing maintenance to achieve high levels of playability and safety.
Landscaping is the key to reducing the risk of wildfire damage to properties, the managing director of the Insitute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction says. Shrubbery and wood mulch are flammable and can ignite when coming into contact with flying embers. How a property is landscaped is the key to mitigating the impact of wildfire.
Urban dwellers living near green spaces tend to live longer, according to a new study. Being around trees and other vegetation reduced the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, the study found.
Dollar spot is typically the No. 1 disease facing golf course superintendents each year, and it’s one that was misunderstood for decades. “For about 30 years, folks were trying to figure out what this fungus was,” Richard Buckley, director of the plant diagnostics lab at Rutgers University in New Jersey, said in July.
When a sports field needs a season-ending overhaul, a number of things can be done to have it ready for play the following spring. It can be aerated to relieve compaction, overseeded to re-establish turf in worn areas or even sodded in such high-traffic areas as goalmouths and the field’s centre.
When turfgrass experiences a problem, it typically turns a shade of yellow, tan or brown, no matter if the culprit is a disease or insect, making it difficult to accurately diagnose. Lawn care professionals must therefore gather as much information as possible to determine the exact cause of the problem, former turfgrass extension specialist Pam Charbonneau said.
Growing new trees in Sault Ste. Marie is a difficult process, the president of Tree Canada says, which makes it all the more important to protect the trees that currently exist in the city. Cold temperatures, abundant road salt and few species to choose from inhibit the growth rate, Mike Rosen said.
Now is the best time of year to lay sod, says Home Hardware lawn and garden expert Mark Cullen. Cooler soil, cooler evenings and heavy morning dew are all contributing factors toward making this the ideal time for sodding, he says.
The giant hogweed, a noxious plant that can cause third-degree burns or permanent blindness if contact is made, is spreading throughout British Columbia and Ontario. Eradicating the plant has proven difficult.
The owners of an executive golf course near Sudbury, Ont. have dedicated themselves to making the property a model of ecological business. In order to promote an environmentally-friendly haven for wildlife, they have adopted a traditional Scottish design aimed at minimizing pesticide use and creating wildlife habitat.
The lawn at Richmond, B.C.'s city hall is an eco-friendly mix of tall fescue, micro-clover and wildflowers, called Fleur de Lawn, that is chafer beetle resistant. It is a "living lawn," the city's environmental coordinator says, adding it attracts beneficial insects while denying crows, skunks and racoons the chance to dig up chafer beetle grubs.
A newly-published guide offers best practices for landscape professionals to better protect such pollinators as bees and butterflies while reducing the amount of pests in lawns, golf courses and other managed turfgrass settings.
After a spring of beautiful weather we have all been busy taking care of customers and keeping the business up and running. Sometimes that means we get so busy that we get behind on some jobs that we know would make life easier down the road but don’t ever seem urgent enough to make it to the top of the to do list.
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Vineland, Ont. is investigating improved turf grass cultivars in combination with new pest management tools to provide lawn care practitioners with the tools to grow healthy turf in residential areas.
Dollar spot is the No. 1 disease golf superintendents fight each year, and it’s important to be able to correctly identify it so that the proper control methods can be undertaken, superintendents attending BrettYoung Seeds Limited’s winter turf academy were told in March.
Complaints about a foul stench on Thursday in Toronto's west end have been attributed to an organic fertilizer applied to city sports fields and parks. Torontonians tooks to social media, comparing the smell to a downtown farm and warm dog feces.
A downtown soccer stadium has been approved by Halifax city council in an effort to be awarded a Canadian Premier League professional soccer franchise. The natural turf field would be located in the Halifax Commons and have a capacity for 7,000 spectators.
The saga regarding the fate of the Glen Abbey Golf Club isn't over yet. Property owner ClubLink has filed an appeal with the Ontario Municipal Board to overturn a recent Oakville Town Council vote to protect the site as a heritage property and save it from development.
A challenge made by a Charlottetown city councillor has sent the P.E.I. city's 10-month-old cosmetic pesticide bylaw back to the committee level. A $50 fee associated with the bylaw should be scrapped, Coun. Bob Doiron says.
A Kingston, Ont. golfer is applying to have the city's Belle Park Fairways declared a heritage property and save the nine-hole course from being developed for other purposes.
Neither the Ontario nor federal governments have invested money into the battle against the emerald ash borer, leaving municipal governments to foot the bill for tree removal and treatments in the province. Not only is the pest eating up trees, but municipal budgets as well.
A tree retention policy is being developed in Kelowna, B.C. in the wake of deliberations over a property rezoning application that would have allowed for a 40-lot subdivision on vacant forested land.
Plans to build twin multi-use artificial turf fields in Thunder Bay have been placed on hold after city council learned expected provincial and federal grants were deemed non-applicable and that all bids received for the project were over budget.
An application filed by ClubLink to demolish the famed Glen Abbey Golf Club for future development has been rejected by the Town of Oakville. In its rejection of the application, town council instead wishes to designate the property as a "significant cultural heritage landscape."
Although soil remediation work is currently underway at Hollinger Park in Timmins, Ont., city officials are nervously hoping everything will be ready for June of 2018 when the park plays host to the Stars and Thunder Music Festival. The question of time is on everyone's mind.
An artificial turf field at Ottawa's Minto Park has been ideal for field hockey, but football teams using the field have complained the turf is too abrasive for play. The city has now found a "creative, innovative and lower cost solution" to appease all users.
Soil remediation work at a park in Timmins, Ont. will cost more than $100,000 to decontaminate it from high-than-normal levels of metals believed to be left over from mining operations several decades ago.
Outdoor workers, athletes and anyone who spends significant time on his feet knows the importance of providing the right amount of comfort and sole protection to get through the day without suffering sore and tired feet.
Grasshopper's new fully-enclosed, full-view, metal winter cab keeps snow-clearing operators protected against the harsh winter elements.
A new straight blade plow for UTVs has been introduced to the market by SnowEx, intended for use on sidewalks, paved walkways and other tight areas.
The ECO 600 topdresser attachment from Ecolawn Applicator will be unveiled in October at the GIE Expo in Louisville, Ky. It is unique in the company's line of broadcast topdressers.
The tools superintendents use to maintain their golf courses continue to evolve with each passing year, and much of what is available today can help save significant amounts of time, labour, inputs, resources and money. One such technological wonder that has recently left its mark on the industry is the drone, which has several useful applications on a golf course.
In these days of dwindling budgets, when labour tends to be the first casualty, golf course superintendents are increasingly challenged to produce consistent playing conditions with less.
Briggs & Stratton has introduced the Vanguard Oil Guard System for its 810cc EVI V-Twin and Big Block commercial engines, offering productivity gains and allowing for 500-hour oil change intervals.
Virtual technology is making landscaping easier, allowing both professionals and homeowners to use an app to preview how applied changes and additions can dramatically alter a residential landscape.
The Toro Company has improved upon its GreensPro® greens roller with a new model that features split stainless steel smoothing rollers. The GreensPro 1260's smoothing rollers reduce the risk of scuffing during turns and overlapping heads that deliver a consistent playing surface with each pass.
DeWalt has expanded its Flexvolt system with outdoor power equipment featuring batteries that automatically change voltage when the operator changes tools.
John Deere Golf and software company OnGolf have joined forces to provide golf courses with a cloud-based golf course management system that collects data and manages equipment, labour, water, chemicals, nutrients and playing conditions.
The Irrigation Association’s version of ABC’s popular reality TV show “Shark Tank,” Pitcher’s Mound, debuted at the recent 2016 Irrigation Show and Education Conference. Pitcher’s Mound was designed as an avenue to help inventors, entrepreneurs and business people in the irrigation arena bring new products to market.

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