A lot of work and some assistance from Mother Nature are what it takes for golf courses in the Muskoka region of Ontario to attain their picture postcard looks and the playability golfers come to expect.
A giant-sized portrait of Leonardo da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa has been created in the Czech countryside at Dolni Kalna, using a pair of Spider mowers on a grass canvas that measured 200 metres by 250 metres.
Dean Piller, superintendent at Victoria, B.C.'s Cordova Bay Golf Course, is one of five individuals from the city and 33 from the province honoured recently with the Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers.
A tree thief is on the loose in the Stratford, Ont. area. From the beginning of May through the first week of June, about a dozen trees have been dug up from residents' lawns and removed. The trees have been removed with expert precision.
Thou shalt not play Pokemon in church. Did you hear about this one? A 22-year-old Russian man was recently convicted of “inciting religious hatred” after he was caught playing Pokemon Go in an Orthodox cathedral in Yekaterinburg during a service of the Church of All Saints.
When the thermometer reads 24 degrees Celsius but it feels more like 30 degrees, you’re likely feeling the humidity. The combined effect of warm temperatures and humidity affects how hot people feel. Whether you are working outside in the summer heat or simply enjoying the outdoors, being mindful of the humidity is critical when temperatures can reach extremes. Understanding humidity and taking the necessary precautions can help prevent the risk of your body overheating and experiencing heat-related illnesses.
Great equipment design is the first step toward more uptime and ROI, but ultimately a machine is only as good as it’s treated. Contractors want the greatest bang for their buck, so it’s in their best interest to train equipment operators on operation and cleanliness to optimize equipment longevity. It’s also a good idea to closely monitor equipment to prevent potential problems.
The fundamentals of football (soccer) have changed little since it was established in 1863. However, with soaring salaries and the introduction of new technology, pretty much everything else has – right down to the pitches they play on.
Here you are again. Your organization just hired another employee who didn’t perform as expected, in spite of giving a great interview. Too often, candidates who present sparkling resumes and great initial impressions disappoint when they show up for work. Over time, these underperforming employees diminish morale, reduce efficiency, and cripple companies. If this scenario describes your business’ hiring record, you’re not alone.
Many of us remember the days before ethanol fuels, when oil options were limited and air filters needed to be changed frequently. Those days are fading as engines continue to advance and manufacturers develop features that reduce maintenance and downtime.
A British Columbia man has become Canada’s first sports turf manager of the year from outside of Ontario. Hugh Norris, park facility operations manager for the City of Surrey, was selected for the honour in April by Sports Turf Canada.
Squamish, B.C. is celebrating International Trails Day Saturday, June 3 as a means to encourage physical fitness and an appreciation for the outdoors.
After a spring of beautiful weather we have all been busy taking care of customers and keeping the business up and running. Sometimes that means we get so busy that we get behind on some jobs that we know would make life easier down the road but don’t ever seem urgent enough to make it to the top of the to do list.
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Vineland, Ont. is investigating improved turf grass cultivars in combination with new pest management tools to provide lawn care practitioners with the tools to grow healthy turf in residential areas.
Dollar spot is the No. 1 disease golf superintendents fight each year, and it’s important to be able to correctly identify it so that the proper control methods can be undertaken, superintendents attending BrettYoung Seeds Limited’s winter turf academy were told in March.
Lawn care season is in full swing for another year, but lawn care professionals need to realize that the events from one year may not necessarily repeat themselves during the subsequent season and that adjustments may be required.
Sports turf managers are in the business of developing playing surfaces and not in the business of growing grass, and everything they do to grow grass on athletic field surfaces is likely contrary to what the turf wants done, those attending the eighth annual Nutrite lawn care seminar in Guelph were told in March.
Trees need water. No kidding, right? The need for water is probably the simplest concept of plant growth, however, a commonly overlooked fact is that tree health in managed landscapes usually suffers more from excess or improper irrigation than from lack of irrigation. There are a number of reasons why tree health suffers from improper irrigation, some direct and some related to secondary issues such as disease or decay.
Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course superintendent Dan Nolin has shared the step-by-step process for which greens are resodded. The objective is to return them to a full bentgrass cover after poa annua had established itself, contributing to inconsistent play.
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Vineland, Ont. is investigating improved turf grass cultivars in combination with new pest management tools to provide lawn care practitioners with the tools to grow healthy turf in residential areas.
Toronto's High Park and Lambton Park were the sites of prescribed burns on Tuesday, April 18 as part of a long-term management plan to protect and sustain the city's rare black oak woodlands and savannahs. The burns will help release seed and nutrients and remove invasive species.
Winter seasons in Atlantic Canada used to be predictable. Snow would arrive in the latter half of December and would remain until March when it would melt with rising spring temperatures.
Knowing when to prune a tree and how to do it properly as well as understanding why it must be done can make a significant difference in its lifespan and its structural integrity.
Winter temperatures that have soared into double digit figures this week in southern Ontario and other areas, including the U.S. midwest, could come with a price. Experts say the fluctuations in temperature without snow cover is apt to put stress on golf course turf and home lawns.
A flower bed in Longueuil, Que.'s Greenfield Park was supposed to spell out the name in flowers of the English-speaking borough, but the landscaper in charge has not fulfilled his duties, the city claims. Local residents are upset that other city borough's have their names spelled out in flowers, but Greenfield Park's designated flower bed is instead a bed of bushes.
A massive Canadian flag the size of a hockey rink will be painted on the grass at Lower Queen's Park in Stratford, Ont. to commemorate Canada's sesquicentennial. The job is expected to take six hours to complete.
Trees removed from an environmentally-sensitive area along the banks of the Thames River in London, Ont. has triggered a city investigation. A landscaper hired by the property owner said he had permits from the local conservation authority, but only the city is entitled to permit tree removal.
Metro Vancouver is reminding its residents to conserve water this summer, suggesting it isn't a big deal if their lawns turn a little golden. Water use in the summer is usually about 1.5 billion litres of water per day.
Stiffer penalties are being sought in Saskatoon for the illegal removal of city-owned trees. The recent removal of trees from a corner lot in the city has municipal politicians exploring means to deter future incidents.
Oakville, Ont.'s efforts to protect its green spaces has been recognized by Ontario Nature with Mayor Rob Burton being awarded the Lee Symmes Municipal Conservation Award for his local environmental leadership.
Edmonton needs to stop stalling and start mowing its city green spaces, an Edmonton Sun columnist has said. The delay has resulted in unsightly weeds and knee-high grasses.
A Surrey, B.C. man has launched a petition opposing plans to build a road that will cut through Hawthorne Park. He said the two-lane road will deprive local residents of the opportunity to enjoy an urban forest within the city.
Residents of one of Barrie, Ont.'s older neighbourhoods aren't pleased with the city's plans to remove century-old ash trees that are not yet infected by the emerald ash borer. They argue the trees can be treated with a pesticide so that they can be saved.
Public input is being sought by the City of Brampton, Ont. as to how the municipality should invest in parks and recreation facilities over the next 15 years, including the construction of 10 new fields.
Lawn watering restrictions have been initiated in Metro Vancouver to help conserve drinking water during the driest time of the season. The restrictions, which went into effect May 15 and will continue until Oct. 15, are designed to reduce the load on the city's system.
Five hundred new trees were planted May 13 at Oakville, Ont.'s Nautical Park to commemorate Arbor Day. The park had been significantly impacted by destruction left by the emerald ash borer.
The tools superintendents use to maintain their golf courses continue to evolve with each passing year, and much of what is available today can help save significant amounts of time, labour, inputs, resources and money. One such technological wonder that has recently left its mark on the industry is the drone, which has several useful applications on a golf course.
In these days of dwindling budgets, when labour tends to be the first casualty, golf course superintendents are increasingly challenged to produce consistent playing conditions with less.
Briggs & Stratton has introduced the Vanguard Oil Guard System for its 810cc EVI V-Twin and Big Block commercial engines, offering productivity gains and allowing for 500-hour oil change intervals.
Virtual technology is making landscaping easier, allowing both professionals and homeowners to use an app to preview how applied changes and additions can dramatically alter a residential landscape.
The Toro Company has improved upon its GreensPro® greens roller with a new model that features split stainless steel smoothing rollers. The GreensPro 1260's smoothing rollers reduce the risk of scuffing during turns and overlapping heads that deliver a consistent playing surface with each pass.
DeWalt has expanded its Flexvolt system with outdoor power equipment featuring batteries that automatically change voltage when the operator changes tools.
John Deere Golf and software company OnGolf have joined forces to provide golf courses with a cloud-based golf course management system that collects data and manages equipment, labour, water, chemicals, nutrients and playing conditions.
The Irrigation Association’s version of ABC’s popular reality TV show “Shark Tank,” Pitcher’s Mound, debuted at the recent 2016 Irrigation Show and Education Conference. Pitcher’s Mound was designed as an avenue to help inventors, entrepreneurs and business people in the irrigation arena bring new products to market.
DeWalt has expanded its 40V Max battery-powered outdoor equipment line for landscapers with the addition of its six-pack charging station (DCB116) and pole hedge trimmers (DCHT895 family).
A new cordless cooling fan jacket has been introduced by Makita to be worm in circumstances where heat could be an issue. The jacket provides constant air flow to improve sweat evaporation and maintain ideal body temperatures. It features three external pockets on both the left and right sides as well as the left chest. There are three air flow settings (low, medium and high) plus a turbo mode with LED indication. The turbo mode operates at maximum speed for about one minute when rapid cooling is desired. The fan can easily be removed from the jacket when it isn't required. Sleeves can be unzipped to convert the long-sleeved jacket into a short-sleeved one. The battery adaptor features dual USB ports to enable convenient charging of mobile devices on the job site. The shell is 100 per cent polyester. For more information, visit http://www.makita.ca/index2.php?event=newaccessorydetailstemp&id=1716&catid=1
Harper Turf Equipment has introduced its next generation of self-propelled turf vacuums. The T35 has been redesigned to save time and includes such economical features as a new cooling system, ergonomic operator station and smooth foot pedal operation. Most notable is the remote-mounted radiator and oil cooler for improved temperature control. The hydraulic powered cooling fan can be reversed to blow debris off the screen. The screen can be easily removed for deep cleaning. The operator station layout addresses performance and well-being through the ergonomic control placement and convenient adjustments. Controls for the unit have been moved to the right of the operator, providing greater productivity and increased visibility. The new, fully adjustable suspension seat reduces driver discomfort and improves posture. Brake release tools and cylinder stops can be stored in the operator station tool box. A manually controlled hydrostatis foot pedal provides a wide speed selection for comfort and convenience. The features allows operators to keep both hands on the steering wheel while adjusting ground speed and direction. The system increases pedal feedback, improving control and performance. The Kubota engine is available in either diesel or gasoline models. The four-cylinder Tier IV interim turbocharged diesel engine combines clean and quite power at 44 horsepower. The spark-ignited gas engine, at 49 horsepower, saves money and promotes faster job completion.
The Grasshopper Company's V-Series mower line has been expanded with the new model 227V-EFI. It features 12cc pump-and-wheel-motor transmission, 747 cc Kohler Confidant electronic fuel injection engine (with a limited three-year engine manufacturer warranty), 5.5-inch, extra deep decks in 52 and 61-inch cutting widths with foot pedal and drop pin height adjustment, large turf-style drive tires, and fully cushioned Cordura® covered seats with padded armrests. The V-Series mowers provide the agility of a zero-turn mower with a compact size that is able to manoeuvre in tight spaces without the fatigue associated with walk-behind mowers. These compact power units are ideal for landscape contractors who maintain small acreages and confined areas.

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